Senior software engineer experienced in delivering solutions that work

Full stack engineer with emphasis on the back-end. Experienced in Laravel, Node\Express, C related projects in Linux based architectures. 15+ years of experience in Successfully delivering monolithic, distributed projects & solutions. Excellent communicator, Adhering to principles as “Debug before deliver”, “Under promise, over deliver” and “expectation management” Appreciate values as honesty, owning up and grace that help create a positive atmosphere and a place that enables creativity and inspiration. Passionate for finding the right solution and patterns when faced with seemingly difficult obstacles.


Outline Architecture

Outlining an architecture & create a proof of concept.


Develop & Debug

Integrate your development with your Debugging. The number one reason for stable code comes when developers elevate debugging into their workflow. Nothing gives you a better inside then debugging what you made. Not as an afterthought but as a development principle.


Av 9, Casa don Pedro, Timbre 3
Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Phone \ WhatsApp

+506 6107 3424